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Aqua Turf Recognizes Leading Ladies for 50th Anniversary

Along with 49 other Southington organizations, the Leading Ladies were recognized today by the Aqua Turf Club for their outstanding work through the Immediate Response Fund at Main Street Community Foundation. The fund supports women and girls in the community who are in immediate need of financial assistance. The Leading Ladies, along with the other organizations, were awarded and granted $1,000 to go to the Immediate Response Fund. This money will help at least 4 women in the Southington community, and through this assistance could affect many more. We are so grateful to the Aqua Turf Club for being such a monumental part of this community and always giving back. Today they were able to help 50 non-profit and charitable organizations in town, and this doesn't even begin to describe the generosity that this business has brought to town over the course of it's 50 years in existence.

Founding members Susan & Donna pose for a picture with the check

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